Who’s The Daddy? The Paternity Fraud Trends

Written by Biodun

09/22/2021 9:31 AM

 Cheating has been proven to be a major deal-breaker in relationships and marriages until hearts were shattered by something far worse. DNA revelations, the test results that beyond doubt have shown that some dads were in fact, not “the dads”.


Recent statistics have shown that 30% of Nigerian men who visited paternity testing centers were not biological fathers of the kids they had in custody. Well, the remaining 70% aren’t exactly safe, as many don’t have a clue of what exactly is going on under their roofs.


What is paternity fraud? This is the intentional act of imposing the legitimacy and biological roots of a child on a man who is not the father. Guess what, Nigeria ranks 3rd highest in this category.


Big deal? Early this year a series of tweets on social media created the buzz after a known judge discovered that the three kids, he raised from his ex-wife weren’t his. Then began the stories, confessions and events exposing the prevalence of paternity fraud in Nigeria and of course, cases leading to heartbreaks and even suicides.


With the unveiling of such deep situations, DNA test centers recorded a surge in consultations as many men, ready or not, decided to come up to speed on the situation at hand.  



The result? Well, social media banters and public scenarios were the start of the whole ordeal to mention but a few. Over time even popular celebrities would be updated with the shock of their lives when they discovered the legacies that they’ve come to love, cherish and adore were simply imposed property.


 Take the standard real-life experience of a Nigerian man who discovered that the kids weren’t his while they were undergraduates in the university, two others were in private schools, all were illegitimate children.


Sportsmen and athletes have also been advised to take precautionary tests as their acclaimed goals might be assists in reality. After all, spending so much time away from home on international tournaments might avail their wives to away games.


Over time, few fathers have come to live through such situations out of love for the child who has no clue of the situation, on a larger scale, it has resulted in shattered relationships, painful discoveries and misplaced trust between partners.


While some ladies have justified their infidelity with the inability of their spouse to procreate, under the claim that the woman is tortured for her inability to conceive in the Nigerian home. Many have agreed over time that it would be better to have no kids than existing false claims.


What’s your take on the issue of paternity fraud? Unfair or justifiable? There are a thousand reasons to every decision, but can a valid reason be created for such false impositions such as child illegitimacy?

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