Should You Date An Older Lady?

Written by Biodun

09/30/2021 11:51 AM

One of the controversies social media dealt with lately has been the issue of dating older ladies. Despite varying opinions, it would seem that guys have discovered some joy and dare I say, soothing chill from dating the big girls. There’s this level of respect plus the extra adult feel that the younger babes might not offer, at least a standard majority.

So, we’ll give you a breakdown of the pros and cons when considering dating older ladies, shall we?


1.        Don’t fool around: Older women have practically seen and probably tried it all. She finds you attractive based on your good looks and agility, it is a fleeting discovery being admired by a younger guy. Still, you have to understand that her values are concrete when compared to the 20-year-old. So, if you’re not ready for something serious, don’t act like you are.



2.       Benefits: Compared to the roaring ’20s, older women tend to do more and talk less. The majority are divorced with bank accounts that could keep you steady. Yet, the catch is to learn to reciprocate the gifts rather than just receiving them all the time. Older women love thoughtful guys who perfectly treat them. So, you’ll probably get cash or kind benefits, learn to give in return


3.       No petty atmospheres: The common habit of silent treatments doesn’t work with the big ladies, if you’ve got a problem, talk about it like mature adults and stop acting childish. Remember she doesn’t have all the playtime in the world so try to be extra mature.

4.       Backing out: this is pretty tricky, despite the fact older women understand that you’re younger. Excessive love and affection would make any babe want to own you for life. Breaking up doesn’t exactly exist in their dictionary without a valid reason for it. Hence, if you start this type of relationship, you might as well go all the way. Unless, of course, there was a discussion as to the purpose of your affair in the first place


5.       Reduce your volume: Most guys tend to fall into the snare of bragging about the older ladies they are currently dating or the ones they’ve been with. Understand that this kind of relationship is on the low, and older ladies appreciate it staying that way. Especially if she has kids, you might need to caution how much you say or do in their presence.


6.       It’s not exactly perfect: Against the popular cruise that these relationships are so dope, the differences become obvious along the way as her basic need are far from bedroom activities. However, you can learn to grow into that space. Become a great spouse with so much to offer and plenty to gain.




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