Naomi Osaka Launches Skincare Line, Kinlo

Written by Onyedikachi Ottih

09/09/2021 12:05 PM

Tennis superstar, Naomi Osaka, has launched her skincare brand for people of colour, Kinlò.


A skincare brand strictly for people of colour? We are all for it.


The tennis star officially unveiled Kinlò, her skincare brand designated for people of colour – melanin skins, after noting that she might temporarily be out from the Tennis sport world.


She launched the brand on Tuesday, and said in a statement that Kinlò will be a ‘mission-first’ brand. The idea of Kinlò was sustained and built from a need to have cosmetics that have studied coloured skin because people seem not to know that the sun can have the same damaging effect on melanated skin as it does on fairer skin.


Naomi noted;

Through my personal experience and learnings, I have found that Black, Brown, and other melanated skin toned communities are often an after-thought in the discussion and research surrounding sun care, including being excluded from clinical studies on skin cancer," Osaka said. "Additionally, there is a lack of sun protection products being made with melanated skin in mind.”


On her Instagram, when she made the reveal, she wrote;

“@Kinlòskin out now 🤎🎇 it’s been a really surreal experience this past year working on this and having an incredible team with so much knowledge teaching me along the way. So happy with how everything turned out and I’m excited to see what you guys think☺️”



For now, Naomi noted that Kinlò is launching with four products: eye cream, lip balm, after-sun mist, and a mineral based sunscreen but we are expecting an expansion into other products from the company in due time.


Kinlò was coined from the word ‘gold’ in Japanese and Haitan Creole – ‘Kin’ and ‘Lo’ respectively in homage to Naomi’s heritage.


What does this say? Kinlò is Gold!


Although this is Naomi’s first swoop as a CEO and founder of her own skin line, she has partnered with other skincare brands before now, so we are sure she’s got us covered.

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