Is It Too Late For Ireti Doyle To Put Out A Disclaimer?

Written by Onyedikachi Ottih

10/15/2021 6:52 AM

Days ago, Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle, posted a disclaimer disassociating her from her daughter, Ngozikachi Abimbola Onyeluo’s business, Kachi Beauty Products.


Kachi Beauty Products was found to be owing customers over N40M and the young woman became inaccessible after inability to pay off the debts. The victims of KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS invested because they were told that the money was for an empowerment scheme to import more hairs cheaper than they were in the country.


Most victims involved in the case stated that they bought into the business because it was endorsed by the actress who was presumed to be likely not involved with anything illegal or business-wise uncertain owing to her age and status.


Ireti Doyle’s disclaimer read;


“I reiterated and write to inform ALL parties concerned and the general public that I am in no way connected to KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

I do not and have never owned a share, been a director, been on the payroll or received any financial benefits from said business.

I have zero affiliation with or interest of any nature in KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS and its board/proprietors.”



Why was Ireti Doyle called out on behalf of her daughter?


Fisayo Soyombo, the founder of Foundation for Investigative Journalism, joined the throng of people in Ireti Doyle’s comment section on Instagram and Twitter to ask why she was disassociating from the business only when it flopped.


The striking question from Fisayo was;

“After repeatedly promoting her daughter's hair business on Instagram in the past, Ireti Doyle cannot suddenly extricate herself from it now that it has turned out a scam.


Integrity-wise, the thing to do is work with your daughter to ensure the refund of the many people who paid her in the first place simply because they trusted you.”


Now, here is the funny part; Ireti ignored the queue asking why she interfered with the business if she knew she was going to back out like this, and replied the investigative journalist.


“I’d like to respectfully ask; as an adult with autonomy and full agency over yr personal affairs, is it everything your mom asks/tells you to do that you comply with expressly and to the letter?”



Too late for Ireti Doyle to put out a disclaimer?


Influencing is a big job. Theoretically it is using your integrity, influence and status to push things out to people. When you are a big name and are respected, people tend to take what you give because the confidence lies in your name and reputation.


When the actress promoted her daughter’s business, it assuaged the uncertainty and fear people had about dealing with the business, and invited more people to partner with the business.


If she did this in the capacity of a mother, then the responsibilities should have been taken in the capacity of a mother and her “biological offspring.” No?


Whilst many may argue that the actress be left alone, what about the people who are involved because of her? Taking on a role of a mother to an adult does not do justice, or does it?


In wanting to protect her own reputation by stating that she was not connected to the person, Ireti Doyle may have just stained it.


What should have been the right move?

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