How To Build Your Dream Beauty Kit

Written by Lynda Ndubuaku

10/29/2021 7:40 PM


You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to have the necessary makeup tools in your box. Creating your dream beauty kit requires having the necessary equipment from scratch. Your makeup game does not have to be on a hundred before you own a beauty kit. As long as you can achieve your everyday go-to makeup, you are already doing good at it. This article serves as a guideline for everyone (mostly beginners) to build their dream makeup kit. So whether you are trying to create a basic makeup look or a professional one, this article is for you. 



Most people claim that primers are not essential in a makeup kit. Primers enhance other products and ensure the rest of the products come out smooth. You need to use a primer before other products when you start your makeup. A primer gives a long-lasting feel to your makeup and also provides a good finish. By using a primer, it does not stop you from moisturising your face. Primer minimises the pores on the skin, giving you a flawless look even when you apply it alone without any other makeup. 



The foundation we use in our everyday makeup is equivalent to the foundation of a building, and it sets the base for everything else applied to the skin. It is best to browse through a cosmetic shop for the proper foundation for your skin tone. Foundation serves as a cover for blemish, pimples and dark spots on the face if applied in the right proportion. It is the perfect groundwork for makeup for either beginners or professional makeup artists. When purchasing your foundation, go for the waterproof type as it holds in the shine on your face and keeps the sweat away. Remember to extend the application of your foundation to your neck and blend in until it has the same shade/colour as your skin. 



I think that everyone needs waterproof mascara. By using mascara, you add more length and thickness to your natural lashes, making your lashes darker and more visible. If you have no idea how to use lash extensions, mascara should be your best friend for a beginner. The mascara should come in last during your makeup routine, so it does not mess up your blending process. Some mascaras curl your lashes while giving them the perfect lifting. If you need to wear a natural makeup look, you can apply mascara to your eyelashes and wear lipgloss, which brings us to our next makeup item for your beauty kit. 



When your lips are glossy, you do not need to worry about chapped lips. A lipgloss is essential in your dream beauty kit, and it gives the perfect finishing to your everyday go-to look. A lipgloss gives your lips a plumper look while keeping them more hydrated and healthier. Lip gloss has a  shorter expiry date than most other items in your beauty kit so ensure to change it when the date is due.     

Eye Pencil 

Times have changed, and not everyone is big on using eye pencils anymore. It has been replaced with eyebrow fillers and eyeliner gels. For me, eye pencils cannot go out of style because it is easier to define your eyebrows with them. With an eye pencil, all you have to do is trace the edges of your eyebrow and draw the perfect arc with it. Be sure of the eye pencil colour you use. It is best to use a dark brown eye pencil (colour 18) to give a natural look to your face. 


Also, have a black eye pencil as it serves as a perfect replacement for eyeliners. When you use an eye pencil in place of an eyeliner, it does not smudge, and it also looks less heavy than the dark eyeliner that will appear on your eyes. Depending on the look you are going for, you can use your eyeliner to line your lips. 



Blush adds extra colour and depth to your skin tone, and it gives an excellent final finishing to your make-up and does not cause any mess on your makeup. Lately, people have been using bronzers on their faces more than blush; even though both serve the same purpose of highlighting the cheek, blush is a must-have in your beauty kit. If you have a cream blush, you can use it as lipgloss or for your eyelid. 

When you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup, you can apply the blush and still have a flawless look. This is why the blush is essential in your dream beauty kit. 



Concealers play a lot of roles when it comes to makeup. It is an essential product in your beauty kit because it is used for your eye, lip and entire face makeup. A concealer is a perfect liner for your eyebrow after you have used an eye pencil on it. The concealer comes after the foundation and helps to cover blemishes from the skin thoroughly. It also reduces puffiness in the eyes and gives it a refreshing look. It is best also to find a concealer that works well with your skin tone, so it blends in properly. Concealers are essential because they do the heavy lifting to the skin and cover discolouration. A must-have! 



There are varieties of colours to choose from on an eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow adds depth to your eyes and also add an excellent look/finishing to your makeup. Eyeshadows also have different textures and forms; they come in glitters, powder, and liquid forms. Always remember to blend your eyeshadows properly. 



What is a beauty kit without brushes? They are the holy grail of your makeup set. Each brush in the set serves a purpose. There are brushes for blending, concealing and other makeup purposes you can think of. 


The powder prevents the other products on your face from rubbing off, and it gives the perfect finish and keeps away oil from the skin after your makeup. Always reach for powder in your skin shade and blend correctly.


There you have it, the perfect guide to building your dream beauty kit! What did we miss?


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