How To Be Comfortable In Your Skin

Written by Lynda Ndubuaku

10/25/2021 12:26 PM


Society has successfully damaged most of our minds from an early age on the proper standard of beauty. They say you either have to be thin, curvy, petite or not too tall to be beautiful. Colourism is almost the order of the day as light-skinned girls have more advantage over girls with darker skin tones. The talk about what a “beautiful” person should be like is almost endless. One thing you should know is that true beauty is being comfortable and confident in your skin. 

This article is your guide to what true beauty is and how to harness it. Ready? Let’s go!


Care for your skin

One thing about caring for your skin is focusing on your skin type instead of the “pigment”. When you have figured out your skin type, use the right products and remember sunscreen’s vital role in protecting your skin. Exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type, and always remember to moisturise. You can only be comfortable in something adequately taken care of; in this case, it is your skin. 

Let go of perfectionism. 


What is the first response you give when asked what beauty is? You will mostly find yourself listing all of the features of Prince Charming or Princess Fiona before she became an ogre. The more we say and repeat things, it gets stuck in our heads and sinks into our brains. To be comfortable in your skin, you need to stop wailing over an acne breakout or calling yourself ugly for being a few tones darker than the next human. By letting go of perfectionism, you will be more confident and comfortable in your skin. Dark-skinned? Light skinned? Or just another human with unique features that they need to be grateful for? 


Be kind to yourself (and your skin)

Imagine for a second the life of a mango tree. No matter how many harsh words are said to the tree by passers-by, it still bears fruits, provides shade and stretches its branches, right? No, being comfortable in your skin does not mean you have to become a mango tree. Saying harsh things about your skin does not alter the colour. You should be appreciative of your skin, let go of what you wish you were and accept who you are. You can change or positively alter your body by going to the gym, but when you try to alter your skin, you will only end up causing harm. It is safe to remember that the skin is the most sensitive organ of the body and the largest one. The skin serves as a protective layer for the body, and it harms your skin, using the wrong products. Be kind to yourself and your skin. 



Saying affirmations to help you stay comfortable in your skin might be cliche, but it does the trick. The more you say positive words to yourself, you start to believe it, see it and also act on them. Here are some affirmations you can say to your skin every day; 

-I love my skin, and I am beautiful in it

-My skin deserves respect from myself and others 

-I am thankful to my skin for protecting me 

-I like what I see in the mirror 

-I am at peace with how my skin looks 

   Try these affirmations every morning and when you start to have doubts or feel uncomfortable in your skin. Loving your skin starts with you and when people can only say things to you when you permit them to. 

Don’t listen to the media.

One thing to note about social media is that people feed off the insecurities of others. You do not need the validation of internet strangers. Also, it is best to be confident in yourself. There is no need to compare yourself to other people or imagine that life would be different if you were a bit darker. You can achieve everything because you define the word beauty. Remember when you were younger, achieving a lot of things and navigating life? You did all of that in this same skin, so what has changed? Do not let things you see or hear online change your perspective or what a beautiful person should look like; there is no objective standard of beauty. 


Surround yourself with positive people 

If you have that friend who makes you feel less about yourself or says harsh words to you because of your skin, it is time to either confront them or let go of them. Surround yourself with cheerful and kind people. Treat yourself with kindness around them and say nice words to them too. Stop seeking validation from people as it gives them an edge over you. If you need someone to remind you of how beautiful you are, look in the mirror and say those words to yourself. Be encouraging and nice to your friends too. 

Focus on what you love the most 

Get to know your skin better and understand it on a deeper level. Remember, you can love the things that you cannot change. Learn more about your skin, what products to maintain it with, what shade of clothes makes your skin pop too. Yellow, orange and neon are such great colours for girls with darker skin tones. For a lighter skin tone, black, white and purple are great colours. It is best to note that every outfit goes with your skin tone; find what you feel most beautiful in and rock it!


True beauty comes from the inside. You need to avoid every mental stereotype and be confident and comfortable in your skin. Find role models and successful people who share the same skin tone as you and draw inspiration from them. Wear the right shade of makeup, use the correct skincare products and always remember to be kind to yourself. 

Share this with a friend or anyone you think need it and remind them that true beauty is being comfortable and confident in your skin. 


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