Cyber / Social Media Bullying: I Experience The Worst Social Media Bullying - Sophia Egbuje

Written by Onyedikachi Ottih

10/20/2021 2:47 PM

The issue of cyberbullying is taken lightly in a society that has failed to thoroughly understand the implication of a mental breakdown.


For the normal social media users, especially the youths, there is a wanton need to reflect our wanton insecurities, secret actions, lack, and unhappiness onto others. The judgmental disposition of most persons in the country is also dumped on persons of influence and celebrities.


There are also little reservations in considering the effect of the harsh words and bitter criticisms dropped on these personalities.


Top fashion and lifestyle influencer, Sophia Chinwe Egbueje, has shade light on what she faces in the hands of trolls and bullies who are out to give her a tough day.



In a chat with Potpourri, she narrated her ordeal;

“In a blanket term, I experience the worst social media bullying from people who decide that I am perfect. Then resolve that I think I am perfect. Then set out to prove me wrong. It’s a hurtful cycle and although I will get over it easily, the fact remains that it is them, the bully, that suffers the most in all of this. Such people are only mirroring their insecurities instead of dealing with them. I may not be perfect but I do insist that I am beautiful and it should never mean you aren’t, love yourself as I love myself then maybe you will love me too and I can love you. It is never a competition.”



It is in the same vein that reality TV star, Tega Dominic, posted on Twitter about how she was still constantly trolled over her relationship with a colleague, Boma, while in the Big Brother Naija TV reality show. Whether her actions are excusable or not, apologies have been rendered by Tega to the point where it is deemed to note that she is human, too.



Tega posted;

“I am not perfect but I am done! Done with the negativity Done with the online bullying Done with being judged constantly. I am mentally exhausted!!!”


Celebrities, influencers, and social personalities are humans. Although they are there in public view, it is worthy to note that they are still humans and mental health breakdown is real.

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