Couch, Car or Kitchen Sex…. Why You Should Get Out of Bed.

Written by Biodun

09/17/2021 8:46 AM

Everyone seems to love the kitchen scene where the actress is laid so smooth on the kitchen slab wearing a shirt and nice panties, I guess your mind can take it from here. Sometimes the question of sexual excitement is dependent on the where and not always how.


Have you tried sex on the couch, or it seems only perfect in the movies? Car sex is so underrated as we mostly feel the missionary position at the back of a corolla is probably for teens, but you might find that confined space perfect for the oral sensation. Dare you try this outdoors, adrenaline never worked better.


Of course, make sure your car is parked in a safe position, probably try this in your garage for a start, then explore outdoors. Ready for the out-of-bed practice? let’s go


1. Kitchen sex is awesome when the kitchen is clean.


As much as you want to fantasize, you simply kill the whole vibe when there’s a foul smell, water or sharp objects all over the place. So, a sweet scenting diffuser and a sparkling clean kitchen is just the right start for an experience never to be forgotten.


2.       Try not to hop on any tables too soon.


So as quick as you want to get into it, try foreplay and easy moves slowly before putting anyone on the table. Over time you understand the crannies to this adventure and can maneuver all positions possible.


3.      Car sex positions are great for orgasms.


It’s probably best to try out with oral sex if the gear stick seems to disturb the action, back seats love adventure too. There’s room in the back seat for that perfect 69 position (girlfriend to girlfriend) if you get what I mean. Also, try adjusting the front seats so it doesn’t feel too cramped.


The girl on top position works for both satisfaction and multiple orgasms as she controls the depth of the penis in her vagina as well as her pace, giving the most pleasurable sensations. Of course, both front and back seats work perfectly, so it’s up to you to determine which works best.


Also, note all vehicles are great, but convertibles work best under the night sky (stars inclusive).


The reverse cowgirl and doggy positions are awesome positions but would be dependent on the height of a car, so try these in a RAV-4 or LEXUS 570 type of vehicle, maybe not with a Volkswagen.


4.      Don’t get too creative on day 1.


The rush of movie ideas might get you trying so much at once, so take your time and move slowly. Also, make sure to plan. Wear a skirt or a dress, definitely not jeans, avoid too many obstructions for a smooth flow in and out. Now you’re smiling in agreement, excitement has to be planned with extra spice.


5.      Please, update your playlist!


Whether in the car or the kitchen, your playlist has to follow the groove. You can’t mess this up, check out the right songs and arrange them accordingly, maybe even creating a mixtape, but it has to set the mood perfectly. One bad song might mess up the whole tempo.


6.      Play with the heat.


So, both situations offer you a temperature variety, as much as the A.C is on at first. Get into heat mode especially when the foreplay is about to get dicey, you would love the results produced by trickling sweat under hot neck kisses.


The sensation goes wild and all caution is thrown into the wind with just the right music on the stereo.


Willing to get out of bed, the couch is a good place to start. If it still gives the home feel, then take our advice. Your car or kitchen, all at no cost. All the best, Aura






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