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The Renaissance Of the Nigerian Contemporary Art

Art is beautiful and it has the power to bring life. The revival of modern art has attracted and brought sparks into the world of tourism, people travel all over the world just to say paintings, colourful canvases etc, it shows that art is immortal. This article describes some beautiful art galleries in Nigeria.



 What more can be said about Art? A lot has been said about it but it can’t be fully expressed in words.   Art is the bridge between imagination and reality. 

It is an expression of emotions, imaginations and creations. 

The revival of the Contemporary/Modern art in Nigeria has brought some sparks into the Tourism sector, from carefully carved sculptures, to colorful canvases, metal works, artefacts, paintings, collage and all. 

Art is immortal!

The likes of Yusuf Grillo, Ladi Kwali, Ben Enwonwu, Bruce Onobrakpeya and others made contemporary art into an immortal element that appeals the soul, through their artistic and sculptural works. 

Thus, leading to the birth of a lot of contemporary art galleries in Nigeria. Some of which are; 


• NIKE ART CENTRE, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. 


Nike art gallery
Nike art center


Nike Art Centre (Lagos), is the largest art gallery in West Africa, owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye, a Nigerian batik and textile designer. The gallery is a five-storey building with diverse collections of numerous artworks from various Nigerian artists. It has an aura of Afrocentrism and on a path of reviving African culture.

Nike art gallery
Nike art gallery Lagos


The gallery also has branches in Osun, Abuja and Kogi. 





• TERRA KULTURE, Victoria Island, Lagos.     

terra kulture
Terra Kulture Lagos


 Terra Kulture, the premier and one of the most eminent home of arts and culture in Nigeria.


The award-winning gallery exhibits numerous sophisticated artworks by some well-known artists in Nigeria. 

Here, It isn’t just all about arts, it is also known for its fancy foods, a library, craft shop and stage plays. 





center for contemporary arts Lagos
Center for contemporary arts Lagos



     The Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the prominent landmarks in Lagos. It is a non-profit organization for the display of all shades of visual arts (such as photography and performance art), exhibitions and lots more. 

cca Lagos
Center for contemporary arts Yaba Lagos






National Theater
National Theatre Lagos


National Gallery of Modern Arts (NGMA)  is a government-owned art gallery at the National Theatre. It is a major art gallery in Lagos for exhibitions of contemporary arts, a library and a bookshop. 




Omenka gallery
Omenka Gallery


It is a contemporary art gallery that features art exhibitions by renowned Nigerian artists, International artists and even young artists. 

Omenka gallery Lagos
Omenka Gallery


The 16year old gallery was established by Oliver Enwonwu, the son of renowned Nigerian contemporary artist Ben Enwonwu.