Making exercise a regular pattern

We all know that exercising is very good for the body and even in the mind, regular exercise is one of the most effective ways of improving overall health and well-being levels but like every other pattern that helps us it is quite difficult.

Exercising is easy but the real problem is being consistent as a matter of sticking to an exercise program is not as easy as it sounds but hey we’ve got you covered. We have some tricks to help you stay consistent and finish strong.

Set your goals

Goals are very important to get anything done. While trying to exercise you should have a goal, it could be to lose some excess weight or staying fit whatever your goal is keeps you going. One major mistake a lot of people make with goals is setting unrealistic goals which at the end of the day causes a major disappointment and discouragement. Set simple goals that you can achieve. As you take your first few steps, make sure your goals are easy, simple, and realistic.

Do what you enjoy

Nothing beats the place of fun. Pick activities you will enjoy. When you do something you enjoy there is a high chance that you will stick to it. There is no point trying things you won’t enjoy. There are several workouts that will get you sweating just find the one you will enjoy.

Be consistent

A common thread that runs through most unfailing exercises is that they work out almost every day, usually before the sun comes up or late the evening. So, to make exercise part of your lifestyle, especially during the first few weeks, don’t skip a day. When it comes to the exact length required to build a habit, the length of time varies from one person to the next, depending on many factors, including the habit being formed and environmental factors. When you do it regularly it becomes a pattern.

Make it a Priority

You need to set an order of importance. Whatever is on your priority list takes the first place, make exercising your top priority and you will find it easier. You need to give it whatever it takes, you need to carve out time out of your calendar for exercise, and never deviate nor cancel it for anything.

Set Reminders

After exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, you won’t need a reminder. But, in the first few weeks, it’s easy to forget if you don’t have reminders set up the right way. In fact, you’re more likely to mess it up in the beginning if you skip this vital step. So, be sure to set up triggers to remind you to follow through with your exercise plan each day, or you might miss a few days. And once that happens, forming the exercise habit will be much harder.

Track your records

Tracking your sessions is crucial because it helps you tell whether you’re heading in the right direction or whether you actually need to re-adjust your approach. It is expedient that you keep a record and it also boosts your strength to keep going.


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