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Love in the bbnaija house

The bbnaija is a reality TV show filled with different drama and unlimited entertainment. For 100 days more than 20 housemates battle to win the prize of 60 million naira but beyond the drama is the connection and chemistry that happens between these housemates. Relationships start but a lot of them end right after the show ended. This article talks about love in the bbnaija house. Are they real or they are just strategies for winning?

The bbnaija pepper dem season finished on Sunday 6th of October after 100 days of maximum fun and unlimited entertainment with Mercy emerging as the winner. The gist is not about the winner but about the fact that love can be unpredictable.

If you have been a fan of bbnaija you will understand that a lot of relationships begin in the house but at the same time a lot of them also die. The double wahala edition was another season where so many love stories started.

Let’s do a recap: Miracle and Nina, Tobi and Alex, Lolu and Anto, Teddy A and Bambam but like every other relationship, they all ended outside the house except for one relationship that proved a lot of experts wrong.

On the Sunday 4th of August 2019, Bambam announced her engagement to Teddy A and on the 7th of September the duo had their traditional wedding. You must have thought they would never last, no judgment I felt the same too.

Bam bam and Teddy A

#BamTeddy# has proved to us that Love can happen anywhere you just have to be open and expectant. The connection was obvious right from the house but like every other relationship could it stand the test of time?

The bbnaija house is a place where you meet different people and you also have to learn to cope with different personalities and you have to learn to adjust but love is one of those uncertainties, we know the chemistry is common but love it feels impossible.

The pepper dem season also came with its shades of emotions. We saw different relationships some sank while few stood till the end.

Khaffi and Gedoni
Khafi and Gedoni


Khafi and Gedoni were the trending news because of their sexual escapades but I’m sure you were shocked as I was when Gedoni was evicted and he mentioned that he never had sex with Khafi but he respected her personality. The connection is there between the two but the question remains can their flame of passion keep burning?

Elozonam and Dianne
Dianne and Elozonam


Dianne and Elozonam are hitting it off too. Despite telling Esther and Mercy that she does not like light-skinned guys she ended up making an exception for Elozonam. The two became inseparable in the house but can this ship sail?

Ike and Mercy
Mercy and ike


Mercy and Ike are another power couple. They gave us so many reasons to laugh and get entertained. The chemistry between the duo is so obvious and Mercy mentioned during the press briefing on Tuesday, October 8th 2019 that she shares with Ike is more than the BBnaija house.

The housemates are all out of the house and they are back to the real world. Can their love stand or it's just another strategy for winning?
Whatever happens, we are here to celebrate them! Like BamTeddy love cannot be restricted just be open and expectant!

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