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Having That Bam Playlist That Sets the Mood Right

Music as we all know it is a way of life; it is that self-prescribed therapy that keeps you going throughout the day, when your sails are down it could be the wind beneath your sails urging you forward. A good playlist can make your day, mind you there is no such thing as a bad playlist just swaying moods that click to a particular playlist at a particular point in time.

The question now is what music suits your personality, just like something done by a bespoke artist. There are few kinds of music out there, we have those that;

·         Talk to your heart,

·         Gives you moral instructions,

·         Helps you get words out to that lady/man you love,

·         Enhances your driving skills “Driving songs” (one of my favorite),

·         Enhances your lovemaking skill “Sex songs”,

·         Helps you read and assimilate things faster,  

·         Helps you chill better,

·         Bound more with your friends,

·         Helps you work out in the gym or doing home chores.

Whatever you want to do in this life with the right playlist there is a song for everything, there are even songs for loved ones lost “may their souls rest in peace” Music is deeper than the tones that hits the ears; with its different genres, you can set a playlist to suit you, it mustn’t be a monopolistic kind of playlist you can always spice it up.

Type of Genres out there available to you and we actually listen to;

·         Jazz.

·         Rock.

·         Blues.

·         Hip hop.

·         Country music.

·         Heavy metal.

·         Reggae.

·         Pop music.

·         Funk.

·         Electronic dance music.

·         Techno.

·         Soul music.

·         Alternative rock.

·         Dubstep.

·         Gospel music.

·         Afro music.

·         Alte.

·         House music.

For me it's all about taste, style, and mood, my playlist, in general, has a bit of everything which usually is heavily influenced by the best artist from each genre “Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J.cole, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Usher, The Weeknd, One republic, Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, James Arthur, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Lucas Graham, Jon Bellion, Koffee, Khalid, 6lack, 2pac, Biggie, T.I, 50 Cents, Eminem, Lil-Wayne” and the rest who are equally good but not on this list.  Having a wide range of artist collection like this will go a long way in making the best playlist; an artist like Drake does it all when it comes to flexibility in genres, Chris Brown gives you that voice to go with the beat and it doesn’t get more African than Burna Boy “Remember you where African before you became anything else” for Bands and soul music One republic, Sam Smith and James Arthur got you covered.


Having a good playlist is a fusion of many genres acceptable to you at any point (which is key), I personally always have a bit of Reggae in some of my playlists except if it's my sleeping playlist, then that balls down to the tempo and pace of the Reggae.

Type of genre fitted for the various kinds of playlist we might have;

Naming is everything, it looks simple but it goes a long way in lifting up your spirit and setting the mood right.

·         Goodnight Vibes (Low tempo Hip-hop, Rapes, soul music, Alternative rock, Alte, SLOW and PEACEFUL Afro music, Jazz and Blues, Reggae, House music)

·         Morning Rise and Shine (Oldskool raps, soul music, Afro music, oldskool reggae, pop, country music, Gospel music, House music)

·         Pumped up Workout (Hip-hop, rock, heavy metal, Electrical, Dubstep, Funk)

·         Reading playlist (Pop, Instrumentals, classical, jazz, Slow pace gospel, Oldskool reggae)

·         Squad Vibes (Hip-hop, Alte, Afro Music, Electrical, dubstep, Reggae)

·         The Bed Room Playlist (Pop, Alternative pop, sexual Soul, Sexual hip-hop. Trey Songz, The Weeknd, party next door, Majid Jordan, Drake, and usher should be your go-to artist)

·         Shot-gun Cruise (Hip-Hop, Alte, Pop, Afro music, Country music, Reggae, dubstep, Electronic, Blues)

·         Moral instructions (Rappers “J.cole, Kendrick Lamer, Drake, and Falz”, Reggae, Fela Kuti)

·         Lone-time chills (Pop, House music, Hip-hop and whatever suits you)

Remember music is art and you can always improve on art, whatever suits you that’s what you should go with, music sometimes speaks volume off and on the listener.

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