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Editors Pick : Top 10 Lifestyle, Beauty and Movie Content YouTubers To Look Out For"

The question is what makes a YouTuber stand out? Is it their unique delivery, is it the energy in mannerism or better still the luxurious lifestyle some portray; is it the consistency in content development or the ability to creatively birth something out of nothing as regarding contents well to me it is all these things and more.

Today I will be giving you a countdown of my favorite YouTubers and youtube channels with a bit of observation. We all know Dstv and the likes are slowly becoming a thing of the past when it comes to portable entertainments, that’s why they came up with Dstv GO “smart thinking” but despite that you can't ignore the constant and steady development of youtube, heck they even have their own Movies, Miniseries and not to mention they are the leading hub of Trailers for any movie. These facts being established we could have a go on what my youtube looks like.



10. Chuches Mind

With a subscription of 1,814 she could easily be my number five(5), Consistency hasn’t proven to be a problem for this Scarlet nor content creation; good vocals and a decent vocabulary. With chuche you have to be steadily careful for she doesn’t indulge stupidity in her comment section these has its own negatives and positives. Amongst all the YouTubers on this list, she has one of the best intro and theme song, not to mention her skills when it comes to editing or camera anglings is a joy to watch. The only reason she makes it in my list as number ten(10) not five(5) is that there is something about her energy she needs to work on, I know not everyone can be a comedian but a little energy in delivery will go a long way.


9. Dimma Umeh

Mrs. Aka, I don’t need your money, have you seen this ladies house. Dimma Umeh is a makeup lover, a fashion enthusiast and a sucker for all things lifestyle. Its been recently infused that most makeup tutorials have story time, regardless of gender or taste everyone loves a good story especially if it's delivered well. Dimma Umeh is a decent storyteller and a good make-up artist “aren’t they all” well nope there is the makeup doers and the makeup artist; her 279,006 subscribers would agree with me.


8. Ronke Raji

A veteran on the Tube she has a subscription of 168,204 she keeps a rich natural hair which says so much of her delivery and contents, I don’t necessarily enjoy her for hair care routine nor make up tutorials; this isn’t to say she isn’t good but its just not my thing, I prefer her more for her relationship Vlogs and other lifestyle content which she excels there too and will definitely appeal to a whole new audience when she takes it on.


7. Toni Olaoye

There is not one upcoming makeup artist out there who doesn’t know Toni Olaoye, she stands firm at the lips of everyone who cares to know her; she could also easily be called a veteran in her field with a subscription of 473,607 that in its self says a lot when it comes to her delivery, works, lifestyle, and consistency. With a brand like Victoria Secret by her corner, only she knows the ultimate secret to her success.


6. EM Etetim

Talk about a breath of fresh air to the Nigerian YouTube community look at this lady right here. Probably force down my eyes by youtube but well placed on my heart, EM Etetim all things being equal, consistency never in question has what it talks to be the next big thing youtube has seen, I will give you a figure of her subscription base but this wouldn’t be accurate for she is on a fast and furious climb to fame as she converted a thousand subscribers to ten thousand within a period of five(5) months  that’s an average of two thousand(2,000) subscribers per Month. What's her content? making lifestyle/travel vlogs taking you around the city/country she currently stays in.


5. Adeola Fayehun

A beautiful rose with the strength of Zeus Adeola talks politics and reports news similarly to Trevor Noah. If you are a fan of the daily show you will have a better grasp of what I am saying. I have no interest in politics nor problems happening in the world but Adeola has me hooked with her delivery, humor, and charisma with a subscription base of 295,024 she is well comfortable in informing the world


4. ScooterMagruder

By far the most energetic person on this list he taps into everything fan reactions when it comes to movies, Tv series, and Sports, keeping you entertained because of the inevitable “you will see a piece of your reaction in his outburst” and you will definitely smile to that. The most important part to his development is  he creatively constructs a timeline according to the actual series so he can be used as a very reliable catch up source for whatever he is covering “talk about killing two bird with one stone” He has a subscription for of 377,550


3. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Trevor right here is a nonmover for me and highly personal, growing up looking at a mix race man this successful was highly inspirational, his Journey, experience and ability to adapt to his environment was top notch. All his stories as a mixed kid living in a black and white world were highly relatable; jokes aside they could be really challenging. Seeing him shuffle between a stand-up comedian and the host of the daily show is just mind-blowing and incredibly smart on his part “way to go Trevor” making the lives of 4,911,865 subscribers exciting.


2. Jeramy Jahns

The only movie reviewer out there that has my subscription. There is this energy to his delivery you can never find elsewhere; his use of green screen is unmatched with any counterpart making him so unique at what he does, yes it is normal for every reviewer to have his/her facts right before criticizing a movie but with Jeramy his points are in such a relatable manner you don’t need a Ph.D. in common sense to thread his path


1. Grace Ajilore


For those who know me 100 obviously expected nothing else, this Diva right here is a spec “She has home training” In my own opinion she has the all-round qualities of a good YouTuber; Funny, Spontaneous, Confident, Charismatic and a wicked hair game  not to mention the spice of a body that comes with the face “Crispy” with Grace family is everything; what’s amazing is the fact she isn’t selling a fantasy as it replicates in the way she relates with her 139,291 subscribers and the congregation shouts “Ho-ha-hina” remember to add some saku-Saku moves it in.


Recommended Youtube Channels

1.       NdaniTV

2.       RedTV

3.       MTV Shuga

4.       BukaFedGeeks

5.       LowlaDee Original

6.       Neptune3 Studios

7.       TheEllenShow

8.       Bkchatworld

9.       Cut

10.   AFTV

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