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Breaking YouTube and being a Successful YouTuber

YouTube is the new cool, it’s definitely laying waste to television you just don’t see it yet, but with its numerous channels and new collaborations with some terrestrial stations, YouTube can be said to be the future that is now.

Not everyone can be or should be a Youtuber, but if you have an application on your phone that gives you the same opportunities and a chance to live your dreams as a TV host/Video-Vixen or whatever fantasies you have for free, minus the data and all extra equipment you need, The Tube is definitely a goldmine; the most important thing is a platform and YouTube provides this with some free promotional kits and suggestive to your face content views; so let me ask you this, Why are you still a struggling YouTuber?


I will be putting out eight(8) suggestive tips that I know will help you break YouTube.   

1.     Having the “is this what I really want or want to do moment”

 The sad truth is so many people go into things for the perfect wrong reason(s), it's not just enough having passion, for one thing, it's so many things like endurance, tolerance, patience, opportunity taking and seeking, burning that midnight oil, intentions, and focus. Yes you might have that passion but maybe it’s a fan passion, never mix fan passion for the passion of I want to be. Trust me there is a thin line between these two things and it could be easily misinterpreted. Nothing comes easy in this life even when it seems to come easy you must have put in the work sometime in your life you just can't recollect. So ask yourself “Before I start a YouTube channel am I ready to put up with its difficulties, who will be my target audience, what are my plans A, B, C or D because trust me some plans are good on paper but they might fail what matters is getting back up and trying harder. From this very moment scrap the useless and disgusting mentality of I do not have time or my days are jampacked, if you want to ride on this train just go and do car wash this life is not for you, no one wants to hear your excuses people only care about the success so work smart, plan and organize your day. Sit down and set a workable calendar and work by it like your life depends on it after all success isn’t a one day's job”. For helps and revived motivation have something or someone you can always go back to for upliftment because trust me it is not going to be easy.

2.       Content

There are things you want to do and there is the smart thing to do, always do the smart thing, it is always safer to start out with contents dearest to you, things you don’t struggle with especially things you derive joy researching on and stalking, this will enable you to work free and faster without giving excuses most importantly it will help you pitch your ideas out to possible sponsors, audience or partners. This will also allow you to gauge and control your subscribers/viewership.

3.      Niche

Never force so many things at once on yourself, yes you are talented but it is not the time for that, take note of the time and be intentional with it. Yes, you probably are a rainbow with many colours but if you set before your time even Davinchi will reject you, much more to your audience who do not know your craft yet. How do you know when its time to diversify? I would have said when your mind is without doubt and deep down you know it is the right thing to do but some of us, our minds have viruses. So I would advise when you are comfortable enough and your audience fully loves you and can bet their lunch money on your delivery you can sometimes chip in some different segments in your main niche and let your audience do the calling out for you. It is usually in this maner “Your lifestyle content was great last week, though it was chipped in I feel you should do more of that” or “guys did you see victoria’s most recent post, that was some great comedy I hope she does more of that moving on in future”

4.      Being yourself/Delivery and taking criticism  

Delivery is your most important weapon but be true to yourself and know where you are at in your growth, its okay to make mistakes as long as you will learn from them, take criticism and some light bashing just have it in mind that most of those people talking might not even do better than you but that shouldn’t be a reason for you not to do better or take their views, steady patient steps will get you there, just study your content pick out your loopholes and develop from there. Don’t speak phonetics you can not handle people can spot fakeness from miles away, in fact, that’s their only job, some people will stalk your fakeness like it is their one sole purpose in life even your enemies will beg them on your behalf so please don’t be fake just give it your very best.



5.      Production        

Do you remember that saying that goes “what is worth doing is worth doing well” so don’t come and give people low quality and expect them to love you, yes I know some equipment might be hard to get and finances might not be in check but there is something you can offer in place of those things. No one is telling you to sell your body or trample on your morals because I know some eyebrows have been raised but easy now, there is always a way around things in life, it might not be easy or as quick as you want it but there is a way, you might have a friend who has a camera or know someone who has a production studio and if you don’t have any of this use social media to track and study people in that line, build a professional relationship, intentionally promote their work, be strategic with your dealings then at the end of it all pitch your ideas to them and make them feel part of it, if it fails, move on and try again seek for opportunities, go for events and strategically place yourself in some discussions.  It is very important you have an enjoyable intro montage/song and closing remarks people subconsciously crave this.


6.      Consistency

Like I said earlier if you want to be on the I don’t have time, my day is jampacked, I am a student or I give birth to triplets every week train go and open car wash this life is not for you. This isn’t me being harsh or trying to be funny but the actuality of life is no one came to you and said “come and start a YouTube channel, we are bored no more content in this life please help us” so don’t hit your audience with sloppy behaviours. Yes, there are times you might take off to cool down and refresh yourself but that’s after you have put in that reasonable work or you are planning something bigger in line with your growth. It should be when you go off and your audiences are like “rest, you have tried but don’t take too long we are missing you already” one of the key driving force of audience/subscription growth is “perception” if you can build a positive one you can be politely-rude all you want.


7.     Name tags and Topic selection

 You should know a name tag is a tag sometimes used to backup or introduce a topic, for example, Truth or Dare: How Phill got me topless in two seconds. Yes, I know you just smiled and a light bulb glowed in your head cause that’s the same thing that happened to me thinking of that name tag and topic. You should know some battles are won before the war a decent name tag or topic will grant you enough audience on first view but you have to ensure your production, delivery and originality is topnotch from where you are, at the moment.


8.     Build a small community of influencers

Sorry to break the bad news, you can’t do it on your own no man is an Island everyone needs a home-court advantage, be friendly, pick out friends that are on the same wavelength as you, promote their works unconditionally hopefully they are sensible enough they will repay the favour and you guys will grow together, share ideas and opinions about things, do collaboration and sometimes write positive scripts about your relationship and act them out, people love to see friendship goals or content creators who are working together, subconsciously the human mind craves positivity even though some peoples negativity wouldn’t let it surface; life is sometimes too hard and full of messed up things, if you can pair with someone and come up with fun distracting content people wouldn’t mind burning their data on you or turning on that notification bell.

If there is one thing I have learnt about some content creators or Youtuber is they quickly get proud over time and they grow a blindside to the fact of possible collaboration or helping a start-up YouTuber grow. To every established YouTuber or content creator out there not everyone is in the hyping game because they are solely fans, some just simply loves and respect your work and is looking forward to a collaboration with you or for you to notice them and give them a shout-out in return; always remember one thing despite all your hard works and sacrifices you were once a start-up and at a point in your journey you might have condemned some established creators that didn’t give you audience so why become them now? I always feel it is our duty to help the upcoming ones when we can, you grow by lifting others it is common knowledge, don’t be blinded by hypes and fame.  

If you are looking to follow some top YouTuber of 2019 bellow is an article link to one of my previous works concerning that 


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