Beverley Naya an inspiration to every black man and woman


15 January 2021

Beverley Naya “Skin” win at the AMVCA’s is an inspiration to every black man and woman to stay true to their skin’s
Beverly Naya won at the just concluded AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award in the category of Producer of the Year for her documentary ‘Skin’.
An avid advocate of colorism, having been bullied as a child and teenager which affected her self-esteem.
Directed by Etim Effiong ‘Skin’ is a feature documentary that details the meaning of beauty in all nuances of black.
Born dark-skinned and often being taunted about it like I put myself in that “predicament”, it was such a surreal feeling to see how a woman had come up with an idea to inspire people with darker shades to love themselves in their skin which was not only impressive but was rewarded by one of the vanguard movie reward system in Nigeria.
From friends, strangers and even family, I heard statements like “You don’t bathe well, that is why you are this black” or “you are doing bad things, that is why you are this black” and was even subtly recommended some “lightening” cosmetics to use.
It took me years to know that the term “black like charcoal” as “funny” or” accepted” as people deemed it fit, was actually demeaning.
In my early teens, I actually did not like what I looked like especially when hit by the sun and started sweating. And so it was a struggle up until my late teens for me to truly come in terms with my skin and embrace it with reckless abandon.
 And so did my “preference” for dark-skinned women sky-rocket not because light-skinned women are not as (or even more) beautiful, but just maybe a certain part of me could relate to their struggles and just gravitate towards them
It took my foray into modeling that made me love this same thing that people almost made me detest. My skin was one of my strongest features and got my attention it made me think “There are people who love my skin – so who was I not to?”
And so inadvertently, I had become an advocate for dark-skinned people to love their skins and not be pressured to conform to societal definitions of “beauty”
Dear dark-skinned Men and women, you are beautiful regardless of how society might pressure you into thinking otherwise.
Love yourself, inspire others to love themselves.
As J Hus once said – “God made you sexy so why are you bleaching?”