Beauty Hacks on How to deal with dark circles


15 January 2021

If you are a beauty enthusiast, it wouldn't prove difficult to tell you how significant it is to thwart discoloration on the skin.

The enthralling fact about dark circles is, most people from Africa are inclined to amass this due to the severity of the sun. Dark circles are also labeled as periorbital- hyperpigmentation which blackens the pigmentation under the eye. There is a myth that believes that dark circles increase the lifespan of anyone causing quick aging.

Reasons why you have dark circles 


This is merely your body conceding to a change which makes it apprehensive, often called allergic shiners. They are dark circles under the eyes elicited by congestion of the nose and sinuses, often described as bruises. To keep your skin popping from allergic shiners, 
avoid foods you are allergic to, smoking, pollution, constant itching of the eye, etc. 

Sleeping with your head facing down: 

As barbaric as this may sound, this is also one of the reasons why you have dark circles. Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause your face to furrow into the pillow and put tension on the skin around the eye. A beauty hack to avoid this is to sleep on your back. 


Genetics could be the reason why you have dark circles in spite of the self-treatment you have done on your own, or the medical prescription you have gotten from your doctor. You can opt to cover up with a solid foundation as you go about your day. 

Now that you know some of the spurs of periorbital hyperpigmentation, some DIY will be stated in this short piece to help rid excess dark circles plopping under your eyes on days you want to bounce-free from the covers of your foundation. 


As straightforward as this squeaks, all you need to do when you start to catch dark circles rolling under your eyes is to readjust your sleep pattern. Try to catch extra sleep as much as you can. 

Apply a cold compress: 

This is one of the easiest go-to beauty hacks of all time. A clean cloth rolled in ice cubes, can be used to reduce the puffiness and the bulging caused by dark circles around the eyes. 

Sunglasses and face cap: 

Wearing sunglasses and a face cap can help you to prevent direct sunlight from peering through your face. As you step out into your everyday life, include a pair in your sizable purse and bags. 

In addition to the DIY, there are certain food hacks that can be used to help curtail dark circles laying under your skin. 


For every next-door spa, cucumber has been one of the must-haves to complete a great spa day. Often placed around the eye as it contains Phytonadione (Vitamin K) required for blood coagulation which helps reduce dark circles. A few slices placed in your eyes is all the magic you need to clear discoloration in your lower eyes. 

Green tea: 

The caffeine in green tea ameliorates puffiness by shrinking the blood vessel. A mild-warm tea bag can be positioned on the eye but ensure that a nice skin patch is done for individuals with extra sensitive skin and allergies. 


This beauty hack is unbelievably true. It has proven to work immensely. Tomatoes contain Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron, Sulphur, etc. It has a robust bleaching property in receding dark circles. Before you rush off to the pharmacy, ensure to try this beauty hack. 

Now that you have read up on the reasons you have dark circles, how to avoid them, and the necessary food hacks used to bleach it out, ensure to involve this in your beauty DIY routine.