Removing laser hair: is it really worth it?


09 February 2021


I decided to quit shaving my legs some years ago and turned to waxing. I was sick of the broken hair and the little red bumps that an old school razor had created on my lower legs. (Note to readers: this article is probably not for you if this is already too much information.) I soon discovered that waxing your legs is perfect for three days.Then the hair starts to creep back in and for at least two weeks you're stuck with it, three if you want it to be even more successful. I put my fuzzy foot down at the end of last year. I decided, no more of this back-and-forth business. It was time to look at an alternative that was more permanent.

I recalled first hearing about laser hair removal years ago when people first talked about it and thought, "Eek, that sounds risky, I'm going to wait and see if the LaserDisc or the DVD goes this way." Essentially, I wanted to make sure the time, discomfort, and expense were legitimate and worthwhile.From a brief bit of precautionary research, I soon discovered the way laser hair removal works is that bursts of highly focused light are emitted from the laser into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and that kills the hair. When I read that after an average of three to six sessions, 90 percent of laser hair removal patients who are good candidates for the procedure experience permanent hair loss, I was sold. Be gone Chewbacca," I vowed to myself." "I'm having my legs lasered next year."

The spate of at-home laser treatments recently on the market has particularly piqued my interest. Could that be so easy? Some interesting rivals, from the Tria 4X (an FDA-cleared product that claims to offer more than three times the hair-eliminating energy of its DIY peers) to the IluminageTOUCH, were uncovered by an investigation into the leading brands(which is licensed to treat a broader spectrum of skin tones safely than conventional lasers). But while the comfort of watching Law & Order: SVU was seductive, zapping away on my sofa, none seemed quite right. Could I really handle a laser? I can barely work my electric kettle.