10 Looks We Loved From Teen Choice Award

We give you the best looks from the blue carpet of the teen choice award

The just-concluded teen choice awards indeed a very memorable one. From the well-utilized temporary outdooron-beach stage in Hermose Beach, California, to the thrilling performances and breathtaking outfits. Which is my focus for today? Here's a breakdown of the most talked-about blue carpet looks. Reviews and personal ratings. 

Nikki and Brie Bella.

1. Nikki and Brie Bella.

 Leave it to the Bella twins to work every outfit. They showed up in different yet coordinated sparkly outfits. Nikki sported a very gorgeous Two-piece (top and pants ) while Brie came through with a purple sparkly dress. It was so lovely that it made them look like Grecian goddesses!


Chloe and Halle

2. Chloe and Halle

 Another set of amazing twins are Chloe and Halle. These grownish stars appeared in matchy but not so matchy bodysuits. Chloe's was this chain printed bodysuit while  Halle's was snake printed that she paired with khaki pants. It was absolutely simple and gorgeous. 


 Noah Centineo

3. Noah Centineo

Moving on to the one and only guy on that red carpet who could pull off almost anything; Noah Centineo. He came very casual and was effortlessly breathtaking. Sporting a regular plaid shirt with a pair of ripped or do we rather call it shredded jeans and white sneakers, he was simple yet amazing. Undoubtedly, there's more to looking good than just the clothes we wear. The wearers also define the aesthetic.  Noah keeps on proving this.



4. Zendaya

Another effortless diva is Zendaya. She arrived in an oversized yellow shirt, paired with skimpy leather shorts or skirt? I'm not quite Shiite what it was but it was amazing.  She also has these really cute fishtail braids and nude pumps. It was very casual yet put together.  She gave us this relaxed vibe, just tryna enjoy my summer look. Of course, her outfit was perfect for the beach location. I feel like this "outside" pocket bottoms she wore would become the new trend.


5. Taylor-swift

Taylor Swift. Bagging the first-ever icon award, her style was very iconic. Sporting a boldly printed Versace romper with a jacket. Whew- breathtaking!  She arrived in full glam, ready to steal the show which she undoubtedly did. Taylor stepped out of her regular fashion circle and gave us this beach-club look. It was a wrap. If you weren't at the awards show or couldn't stream it from home, looking at a picture of her outfit alone is satisfying, I tell you. 


Monsta x

6.Monsta x 

Monsta x  was also present and stunning on the red carpet. They all appeared but still very much coordinated.  They came in different vintage shirts and pants but were conscious of their personal style. From the summary (permit me to use this word) vintage shirts to the black shoes that United their style, they looked amazing. The band topped up their outfit with the messy hair do.  It was to die for.


Jessica Alba

7. Jessica Alba

In a very stunning Oscar de la Renta dress was Jessica Alba. This dress spelled out FABULOUS. Black, flowing with floral prints; She really swept the red carpet. 


Sarah Hyland

8. Sarah Hyland

Another one of our red carpet crushes is Sarah Hyland. The former Pretty Little Liars star sported a ruffled lace bustier and mini skirt and paired it with satin orange pumps, giving us the glam that we deserved to see!


Maddie Zeigler

9. Maddie Zeigler

From a distance, Maddie Zeigler could amlost get lost in the beach wave. Appearing on the red carpet with her baby blue pant suit, she decided to flash a pop of color having orange on her pockets and sleeves and of course, orange shoes. She looked totally stunning.


Brittany Snow!

10. Brittany Snow!

Brittany Snow!! Showing up in a mixed A-symmetry halter dress which had polka dots and floral prints underneath,  She looked like a mermaid straight out of the sea. It was just beautiful.