The Social Media Life Hack: Finessing Through YouTube, And Other HighEnd Platforms without Breaking Your Bank

Uzoka Jomar

13 Feb, 2019 12:38 PM


It's Twenty nineteen, the year where blades and steels are forged on the internet; some battles are won and lost here. Social media for a fact has become the pedestal of entertainment, lifestyle, Arts, and Culture and as proof to that you are reading this post, aren’t you? With so many breakout stars, performances, short and Long movies or anything and everything you want to find out on in this world, is on the internet; even happiness “depending on what happiness means to you”

I chose YouTube to head this topic because it is free to use in terms of internal charges unlike Netflix “Netflix and chill” like do you know how much MTN data is? or other service providers, you simply do not subscribe to an MTN Data Plan and stream on Netflix. A voice in your head will be screaming “are you mad; no are you mad” that voice is called your Data Conscience.


Here is how I personally swim through the streams of YouTube, Netflix, Irokotv, Instagram, Snapchat and other high data consuming applications like an Olympian, the secret is Glo, did you just hiss? Chill you slithering reptile; Glo is like that family member you hate but have to live with. Their slogan “Glo with Pride” most times when you hear that you are like “Glo Slow the Economy” If Glo was a footballer it definitely will be Yakubu in SouthAfrica sometimes I look at Glo and I am like "it is poverty” Glo is like the only brand that its ambassadors misinterpret its performance, last month they signed Anthony Jousha and I was like all this money; looking Good on the outside but…… what do I know! I might be Jon Snow


Full respect to Glo as regards to my Career Success as other startup Influencers, YouTubers and the likes will also give credit; Glo had a role to play; it takes a PATIENT veteran of the network to endure its lows and work magic round its highs. Glo has a master plan of data that enables you to break the internet rather than your bank. It shocks me that most people don’t know what I am about to share; Well you are in luck today, I get they advertise this a lot on TV “Glo the Grandmasters of data” personally I just hissed because it is an Excruciating Promo to see through based on their speed but behind the Scenes, they have a night plan of 1GB for just 200 Niara which is renewable as you wish, that’s to say a thousand Niara will get you 5GB; imagine what you can do with that amount of data, it doesn’t just end there, they have the weekend plan with the same renewal flexibility, that is 500 Niara for 3.5GB all these plans can all be happening simultaneously and you will still have your regular data plan on the side, it just auto switches at the given time the subscription is allocated to Start and end, then switches back to your normal plan when the night or weekend is over.


Remember this is a life hack, so trust me when I say I know the Prodigal son can be slow. But is it always slow? It has its fast moments especially if it’s a 4G sim and it is inserted into a portable hotspot, from my studies and gathering, it is faster that way. This is not to say with a phone it is slow, yes they seize their network like “it was them that put the money in my account and subscribed for me. Fridge necks” but that problem seems to be less now.


If you have been missing in on your favorite Series, movies, Pieces of information, possible Tinder dates, The Gram, Snaps, YouTube and whatever you love; Glo is the key to beat that, just take these three words with you till we read again “Patience, Perseverance & More Patience”