The Ho Ha Hinna Queen

Uzoka Jomar

03 Jan, 2019 1:33 PM


The term “A whole mood” doesn't do Justice to the Ho Ha Hinna digital Queen Grace Ajilore.

The Nigerian Diva born in Nigeria is fresh air to the Nigerian skit community, her unique blend of beauty, Curves, and humor would leave you laughing as you gasp for air. The dark berry is a very smart and talented words twister she makes it look sexy, unlike another skit artist who jokes about family and money related issues or their surrounding Grace adds a huge sense of humor to some delicate relationship issues but there is always a serious message waiting to be learned from them.


Criticized by some men for her outspoken style and topics she addresses, she is unphased by them as she keeps "leaving her best life" with her shades on. She broke out to the limelight on the 27th of July 2016 which saw her on Twitter with her first skit. In the clip, Ajilore plays the role of a petty girlfriend who blasts her boyfriend for partying on his own. The video became a viral hit, with over 26,000 retweets today. Talking about petty, Grace is the queen of petty If petty was football team she would be Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar combined. Following her break out in 2016 we see Grace step out to the Gram doing what she does best conquer, the more reason I call her a digital world Queen is because she excels at anything Social media. If superheroes were real, Grace we know your powers.


Its one thing to be successful and its another to stay successful and relevant, Grace keeps giving with her unique showing of screen peacocksm, her colors shows another shade of her branching out to acting where she is featured in a web series on YouTube titled “Men's club” alongside Ayola Ayolola, Sharon Ooja and many others, once again she proves she's more than a dark berry pretty face and a relationship rant.


Jokes apart breaths recovered and movements considered Grace is a brand minus her talent we could witness her jump into brand advertising, modelling, styling and still excel, if you were to ask me who was Grace, I'll tell you she’s someone you have to follow on your Timeline and watch out for this 2019 because she's coming fast and you sure don't want to miss it



Talk about an all-around woman who has it all beauty, brains, influence, and style think Ho Ha Hinna, Like every Sagittarius she is a foodie who loves to tour the world. You need fashion tips, hair tips, beauty tips, relationship tips, whatever tips you think of she is your lady in Jesus light. You can link up with her on social media @grace_ajilore on IG and Gwaceybaby on the bluebird feel free to explore her YouTube playground where she excels well too.