Teminikanijesu idowu's Guide To Perfect Skin

Kpotie Margaret

10 Feb, 2019 2:39 PM


Runway girl type of glow in 2019? Here is a model Teminikanijesu idowu sharing her beauty secrets to help you achieve that in 2019



Nothing good comes easy especially when all you want is that perfect shine to the stars type of glow.  We got this amazing and gorgeous model Teminikanijesu idowu, Beth model and face of Zaron 2017 to share her beauty secrets with us. 

1.Can you kindly share your skincare routine 


To be very honest I  have always had good skin but quite dry so most of my skincare routine revolves around moisturizing,exfoliating  and glow and not rejuvenating.
So I use water on my face a lot it helps keep pores alive and breathing,and less clogging happens.
Daily,I use rosewater for cleansing and wipe off after awhile....then I use Ormaskincare’s glow mask and their glow scrub for light scrubbing three times a week and after I use Orma,I use AramiEssentials Glow Scrub also because basically it works for me and leaves my skin shining after use.
I use Olay shower gel first before using AramiEssentials Black soap for showering everyday too.
So yeah that’s about it.
I also ensure to do professional spa at least twice or thrice a month.

2.Your top 5 skincare products

My top skincare brands are:
B.The BodyTree.
 C.The BodyShop(Tea tree)
E.Nature’s Organics.
3.As a model do you have any special secrets to keeping your skin and body in a perfect shape. 


The key is to reduce food consumption and drink more of water.Food consumption should reduce to a maximum of twice daily and not past bed time to avoid bloating and tummy fat.Water and a lot of fruits help to get energy actually needed not food.So staying determined can work with a planned diet and normal daily exercise....doing runs in the morning not necessarily register at a gym but if you ain’t committed to yourself or you don’t trust yourself to do it on your own like me,a gym works.
4.Your go-to lipsticks


I AM NOT A HUGE FAN OF LIPSTICKS BUT I AM ADDICTED TO LIPGLOSSES,Lol...so yeah I go for lip pencils and then gloss it up....ZARON lip pencils are my favorite lip pencils cos they have every type and variety ranging from all the mini colors and different types of each colour....I always do nude too because I have quite defined lips and I don’t feel too confident in bright colors.
Thank you and remember to stay healthy 
Health is wealth.