Seyi Shay covers the April & May 2019 issue of Aura Magazine


08 Apr, 2019 11:02 AM


“A man is defined by his reaction towards failure and not solely by his progress over time, your come back defines who you are, life is filled with highs and lows; like a chameleon, you are to adapt to this and give it your best”.

Seyi Shay isn’t new to the public eyes, in fact, she is a diva with a purpose”DWP” if there was a casting role for Terminator, she would definitely kill it like Lara. Being in the age demography of 13-35 you definitely should know Seyi Shay and if you don’t, I don’t know what to tell you “this isn't the Fling Stone get off the rock you are under”.

Born and raised in Tottenham, London on the 21st of December 1985, She is a Nigerian-based singer, songwriter, and actress. She wrote and produced three songs for the soundtrack to Konami's video game Crime Life: Gang Wars in 2005. She also wrote "You Will See", a song that was included on Melanie C's third studio album Beautiful Intentions also in 2005. Shay wrote "White Lies", a song from Chip's Transition album. In 2008, she became the lead singer for the now-defunct pop girl group From Above. The group signed a recording deal with Sony's Columbia Records and was managed by Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment company. In November 2013, Shay signed an endorsement deal with telecommunications service provider Etisalat. In July 2015, she signed a record deal with Island Records. Shay released her debut studio album Seyi or Shay in November 2015. It was supported by the promotional singles "Irawo", "Ragga Ragga", and "Chairman".


That was detailed now we are all on the same page clearly five is her lucky number. With all these early accomplishments one is tempted to ask how do you share our time, what do you value the most, as a kid what was your favorite moments, was music something you saw yourself going into at an early stage, what were the challenges you faced breaking into the industry?

Shay could pass for a maternal child as she gives a deep but brief tribute to her mum, times she misses with her and if life was a wrinkle in time she wouldn’t mind having the best time they share relieved again, all the moments where she was thaught the games a little African girl should know, such a second nature to her this was a heavy inspiration to her as she had a scene of her recent Koma Roll video featuring Harmonize where she was clipped playing 10-10. On breaking into the industry we know everything competition and challenges are elevated to the next level in Nigeria but with the right support and mentorship you just might make it through, Shay was blessed with the likes of Sound Sultan, Cecil Hammond Deola Art Alade as mentors “talk about a triple frontier”  “Balancing life and career hasn’t been easy as we learn every day, I will say I know better now, as for music it has been my first love since childhood, seeing greats like Madona and Micheal Jackson on Tv or hearing their songs always got to me, Micheal was the icing on the cake for me with songs like Dirty Diana, Heal the world and bad, as a matter of fact my first cover performance in school was Micheal’s Heal the world”

Early twenty-eighteen saw Shay take on acting as she played the lead in a movie called Lara and the beat, being instrumental to the success of this movie you would want to see her more often in the dark cinema halls leading you through multiple characters and storylines.

Why did Seyi Shay explore acting?

We aren't bounded by our comfort zone the ability to kick out, exploring new areas is key “the reason I took the role of Lara because we connected in different ways and she was similar to me; I was excited to work with the other cast in the movie”

The Peep with Lara

Lara and the beat takes you through an engaging and heartfelt story of the fall and rise of a lady Lara, who turned to music to get her back up, with the support of her sister she is focused to beat all odds. Transitioning between acting and Singing Shay is asked; If you were to be on a TV reality show which will it be, are you where you want to be as regarding your career, if all your achievements were to be stripped off you but you get to keep your hit songs which would you present to a producers to kick start your career, what do you love About Gimme Love?

As a matter of fact, Shay has been making waves internationally before her first Nigerian most loved song “Right now”, she has been compared to the likes of destiny child as her affiliation with a girl band in the United Kingdom which was under the management of Mathew Knowles; we sure are remembering the rain, right now. Breaking from above was a realityTV show Seyi Shay was a part of which featured the DWP and her group as they conquered the hearts of the British on MTV base. Although it was a staring moment for her you could sense a bit of discomfort from her end if you were privileged to watched those phases of her life to self Shay discovery as she tagged it “Being in a reality TV show isn't something I see myself going into, it wasn’t in line with what I stood for, I was violated in different ways, knowing what I know now I wouldn’t be down for that”

Had I know is always the hit that comes after the Rebranded; Aura asked “Are you where you want to be as regarding your career”, “definitely not, but I am happy and grateful to where I am, this year you will see more of me doing better and being better in my career”

It is easy to say one has it all when they are famous forgetting the hard work and challenges they had to face getting there minus fame and accomplishment Shay which of your hit singles would you present to a producer if you were to start over “Yolo-Yolo, Right now, Murder, Gimme love and Weekend vibe”

Gimme love is her most recent hit with Runtown which tells a story of her self and life experience, in the video you see Shay at her sexiest, comfortable in her own skin as she orchestrates her body to a flexible yet seductive form, keeping your eyes glued to the screen and your ears drums in tune to the vibe. Not to worry you can be part of this vide all you have to do is download it from Apple music, iTunes, Boom play.