“I Am the Gay Tupac” Jussie Smollett

Uzoka Jomar

20 Feb, 2019 6:46 AM


This is the most hilarious Publicity stunt I have seen in my life if it is one. Does Jussie really have a small brain? Let’s find out

On January 29th, 2019 Smollett is allegedly attacked at 2 a.m. near his apartment in Chicago. Two masked assailants poured "Bleach" on him and wrapped a rope around his neck, he told police. In a follow-up interview with police, Smollett alleges that the attackers yelled “MAGA country,” a reference to President Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan.


This obviously got viral and attracted tons of reactions from people, I was aware at the birth of this post but I wasn’t properly incubated so I decided to heat the egg, now I am ready. About 2 a.m. Smollett for some strange reasons got up from bed hungry, went to his fridge opened it and saw nothing “okay” he then decides to step out at 2 a.m. approaching walls greens thinking it was 24hours but it was closed so he decided to go to subway which was across the street, he decided to call his manager thinking he was in Australia so he dropped a voice mail to his surprise he called back immediately, that’s when he heard a voice scream “Empire” but he didn’t answer “such a snub if you ask me” moving on the voice called out again “Empire N***a” then he decides to turn back, that was the moment he saw his attackers “masked” next thing they said was “MAGA Country” which is acronym for Make America great again; this is a popular slogan used by Donald Trump and his supporters. According to Smollett the rumble began, the man behind the voice punched him, and he punched back the other guy gave him spare they fell down the stairs twisting and turning then behold a second man came into the picture, he did his best but he wasn’t ready. There he lay weak and helpless as they poured bleach on him wrapping his neck with a rope and then ran away, he saw where they went. He got out his phone and spoke to his manager relating what just happened then he later alerted the police after forty minutes, they came, they took the case up and went on with their normal protocols.


The Empire cast finally breaks silence on the 14th of February, In an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts, Smollett said he was heartbroken when he found out that people questioned the details of his story. He defended himself against skeptics who pointed out that it wasn't until a follow-up interview with the police that he mentioned that the assailants yelled "MAGA Country!" at him. He also complained about erroneous reports that he had told police that the attackers were actually wearing red MAGA hats.




This story is like a badly written script to many loopholes, and these are the Loopholes

  • ·         He said he didn’t notice the rope on his neck, neither did he notice it was bleach “it all happened so fast”
  • ·         He fought two hefty men and came out with a little scratch on his right and left cheeks “something similar to a pussy attack”

  • ·         The person of interest happen to be two  Nigerian brothers Ola and Abimbola “if you wanted a tribal mark you would have gone to Ekiti” 
  • ·         He said he had his phone out having a conversation with his manager before they attacked, magical that phone went into his pocket; he was attacked, he brought out the phone which was on call and calls his manager and told him what happened instead of calling the police “Powerful”
  • ·         He was said to be written off of the empires cast in their next season, so it's looking like he did this to get the pitty and favor
  • ·         Lee Daniels posted a tweet on the attack, then deleted it soon after “he was like no this story is fake”
  • ·         Taraji P Henson posted her sympathy which she tagged “show him some love and give him 5million downloads on his song” I have big respect for Taraji P Henson but are you serious?
  • ·         When this isn’t Linkin Park’s Numb, how would you say they poured bleach on you and put a rope on your neck but you didn’t notice “because it happened so fast”
  • ·         The Nigerians confessed that “Jussie paid them 3,500 Dollars to beat him up” makes perfect sense if you look at the hurt photo and what concerns Nigerians and Trump when our own election is Trumping
  • ·         He said he expected people to just take the story without questioning him
  • ·          The police asked for his phone but he resisted because “He had private pictures, messages, numbers, and other things, he then uploaded his contact to a spreadsheet deleting some numbers which were later recovered by the police, tracing it back to the Nigerians
  • ·           Let's be factual how many people walk with bleach and rope around 2.a.m
  • According to Jussie he left the Rope around his neck in other not to tamper with evidence, so the police would have something rational to look at as per evidence; this is where things get funny how many of us will be hate attack and still leave a rope on our neck “I am waiting for the police” imagine the trauma you will be going through; then to think you will just leave a constant reminder on your neck and take selfies. Then go to the hospital and have a checkup and say “I did have a checkup but we didn't keep the records of the x-ray but I could feel pains everywhere"


There are lots of red flags to go round, but these are the ones I can capture. I am against violent attacks and hate crimes but you have to becareful with your credibility in case of next time. If truly this wasn’t staged “as he claims” which I highly doubt, Jussie has messed up big time “so much for being the gay Tupac”