Have you been morally instructed?

Uzoka Jomar

17 Jan, 2019 1:25 PM


January 15, 2019, saw the release of Falz fourth album, normally they say third time is the charm but you see this album defies all manners of law to that saying; I don’t know if you are a rap fan, pop, high live soul-jazz, metal, soft rock, or whatsoever we have out there. If you are a Nigerian and you haven’t listened to “moral instruction” You should


 This is personally my favorite album in January and for now, the year 2019. Falz has outdone the Nigerian rap industry. Before, I go any further, I would want to know what is rap to you. Technically rap is the emotional expression of highly intellectual words in a short span of time “3-15mins” I know guys out there that has classical rap albums of the 90s probably 80s, greetings to you all, you guys are the real MVP.


This magnificent work of art expressed in this album by Falz consists of a nine-track song playlist; each having their unique moral lessons to pass, most importantly the Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti aka Fela Kuti, his samples in this album were legit; the way Falz stepped into every rap was out of this world deep, the same truth Fela died singing is the same truth Falz picked up after 22 solid years, and they still apply come 2019.


He talks about nepotism, fake prophets, evil political powers, Dead corps members, gullible Nigerians, sex trafficking, tribalism, the list goes on and on. Personally, my favorite songs out of this album if I  had to pick are Hypocrite, Brother’s Keeper, Amen, Johnny, Talk, and Paper that’s 7 out of the 9 songs; that’s how great of an album it is.

Cinematics calls it Easter egg I call it a puzzle for a specific kind of humor if you look closely at the album arts there are writings such as “you should be your brother’s keeper, be a Ninja, not a Nigga, Ubuntu: I am because we are; we are because I am, Yeye men at work, 1960-2019, moral renegade, sacrilege, see danger o, option a4uck is not Justified, Impeach” there are more things to discover in the album art I’ll leave that to you to find.   

I say this is an album to have for years, one you can play in class for social studies {laughing} in general it’s a well-recorded album, good sounds, and perfect song title I give the album a 9.5 rating. If you’ve heard the album what do you think about it and what is your favorite song?