Editors Pick: The Legacy of Orisha, The African JK Rowling

Uzoka Jomar

07 Dec, 2018 1:01 AM


They Killed my mother, they took our magic, they tried to bury us, now we rise. That is the exact subline of the book Children of Blood and Bones written by our article digest today Tomi Adeyemi. So much to say so little we can accommodate this exciting piece of an author is an American born Nigerian, based in San Diego, California.

You are only as good as your last book they say, well we are still going to see more from Tomi, after her debut to a successful writing career on the 6th of March 2018 when her New York Times best selling book Children of Blood and Bones was published by Henry Holt and Company ever since she has been getting unconditional love and support from her readers, the American media and her ever supporting Nigerian community. The first of the books Trilogy “Blood and Bones” is doing so well in various countries, Fox has decided to make a movie out of the Young adult fiction; Fantasy, she is going to be produced by Karen Rosenfelt and Marty Bowen the producers of Twilight, Maze Runner, The Fault In Our Stars.  Talk about a success story, art runs in their family as her brother Tobi lou also excels in his music world with his unique style and cartoonish art work. The bound the sibling search is eye catching, it portrays this lovable feeling “If I make it, you make it, we grow by helping each other” and that is without doubt when you see this duo present in their interviews, shows, video release or what ever the other accomplishes. Its just magical.


The book Children of blood and bones is rated very high amongst books like Harry Porter, Hunger games and other best-selling novels in its category. To show the strength in their comparison the author herself is being compared to JK Rollins, that’s a huge step up and credit for a first book given her next book of the trilogy “Children of Virtue and Vengeance” is set to drop some where in 2019. The story follows Zélie Adebola, who sets out on a task to restore magic in the country of Orïsha. Zélie is faced with many real-life relatable issues to the blacks from police brutality to racism and all, in compacted words its a very educative and emotional read good for young readers.

 Don't be intimidated by success and a what seems like a fast rise to fame, Tomi had her fair shares of downs like every young human lady, she had multiple of her books turned down and few unfinished stories but she never gave up, she just went back kept getting better and finally she landed a seven figure book deal, according to her it took fifteenth good years to master the art of writing, well that's fair for someone who has been writing from age five which was confirmed by her father.

In one of her interviews we see the author make a joke on what kept her moving forward she said “My parents have really been supportive of me, given I am a Nigerian and where I come from I you aren't a Doctor, Lawyer or an Architect you are a failure. So, I used this to motivate myself and said No I will excel in my writings”. Look at her today living the writers dream, the moral learnt here is, not everyone can be a Doctor, Lawyer or an Architect but someone can be something more extraordinary than that, parents should realise this and also develop other aspect of their kids’ life, for a better world and a better Nigeria.