Editor's Pick : What You Need To Build A Make Up Kit Like A Pro

Kpotie Margaret

09 Dec, 2018 7:30 AM


Your makeup kit is your best friend and the one tool you use to show the world that you understand your skin and what it takes to enhance your best features.

Professional makeup kits can cost a lot financially but it will be worth it at the end,every YouTuber and beauty enthusiast encourage women to invest in their makeup kits if they want to get the best results. There are several products you can invest in without going completely broke.  With 2019 around the corner no one is exactly ready to spend so much paying a professional for that subtle glow required for work the next day or even that last minute perfect touch up for an unexpected date.


Are you the simple one to go safe with colours or the spontaneous one who loves to play with colours and have fun trying out different makeup looks on Instagram and Pinterest? 




For the spontaneous ladies the JUVIA'S PLACE MINI MASQUERADE PALETTE


from juviasplace.com for $13.75.


For the simple safe players

 Night Master Eyeshadow palette from morphe.com


Watch Makeup tutorials

Get well informed by watching tutorials on YouTube especially those who share your skin shade so you could get tips on what brands you should focus on and what tips to hang on to like when picking the right foundation for your skin. You need to find out what products these beauty gurus use and the results before running to the makeup store. 


Maybelline have a wide range of very affordable foundations for a skin colour.

Maybelline  foundations


Figure out what products are most important for your kit

When building a makeup kit, you need to focus on what's more important for your everything routine before feeling comfortable enough to buy so many products.



These are extremely important as our fingers cannot do the job of blending perfectly.

bling fling


The bling fling 8-piece brush collection for $105



You need a primer to keep your makeup glowing and smooth from morning till the end of the dayfoundation primer



This eyebrow definer by Zaron Cosmetics Gives great brows for those HD brows we all want.



Eyeliner and Mascara

The Felt-tip pen eyeliner by Zaron Cosmetics For  2350 naira.Felt-tip pen eyeliner by Zaron Cosmetics

The Maybelline New York volume express. The colossal mascara.

The Maybelline New York volume express. The colossal mascara.





This helps you blend cover up spots and even up your skin tone. 


 La Girl Has a Good Range You Could Try Out all below $10.



You should try these never-failing concealers by La Girl



Contour pallet


Everyone loves that chiseled nose and cheek bones and you can achieve it with

 L’Oréal infallible face contour palette 



Face Powder

This is to help blend all that powder situation you will have going on. 

Using the LA Girl Pro Face Powder.

la girl 


Setting Powder 

 The black opal finishing powder is known to give good results and keep your makeup in place. 

black  opal

Setting Spray

La Girl Pro Setting Spray $4.99 to give you that HD finishing look. 




False Lashes


You should get yourself some false lashes to perfect your whole using b pretty lashes like this one from Zaron for just 1115 Naira. 


Lipsticks and lipliners

What's are whole look without these two.


Now your makeup kit is ready and you are good to go.